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Feeling hot ? Here are our 4 best places to fight the Parisian heat | Wellow Trend Forecast 2024

Our team's favorites this month:

Summer has finally arrived in Paris, FINALLY!

Even if we are happy to see the rain go away, we're not going to lie to you: the intense heat in Paris is not always very pleasant ūüę†

But don't panic, Team Wellow has put together its best Parisian spots for you to enjoy a pleasant summer without getting stuck under the fan in your apartment.

Welcome to our Wellow 101 guide to making the most of this summer!

1. Ice cream in Paris: Selected by Adé


There's nothing like a tasty ice cream to cool off during a heatwave, right? This place in the heart of the Marais offers cool scents and unique tastes like matcha tea and fleur de lait.

Price: ‚ā¨4‚Äď‚ā¨6

Location: 15 rue Ste Croix la Bretonnerie, 75004 Paris

Adé says: ""My favorite ice cream location to take a break while strolling in my favorite district of Paris."

2. Parisian museums : Recommended by Ana

Musée d'Orsay, the Louvre, Musée de l'Orangerie

Museums are the perfect summer spot. You can walk around enjoying art (and free AC) while the heatwave rages outside, it's really great.

A secret tip: don't forget that in Paris many museums are free on the first Sunday of the month!

Price: around 10‚ā¨ (free on the first Sunday of each month)

Ana says: ‚ÄúThere is nothing better than discovering museums to avoid the heatwave, it is the perfect excuse to sit for hours in front of an art piece! ‚ÄĚ

3. Buttes Chaumont: Share by Annahé

During the hottest time of the day, there's nothing like escaping the heat and catching some shadow under the trees. It's haven in the heart of Paris and you can enjoy it with friends or family.

Price: FREE Location: 8 Rue Preault, 75019 Paris

Annah√© says: ‚Äú To escape the heat of my 15m2 apartment, there‚Äôs nothing like recharging your batteries close to nature‚ÄĚ

4. Parisian stores : Colin’s Choice

75009/ 75007

Enjoy the summer deals and freshness!

Parisian department stores are air-conditioned and are the perfect refuge during the heatwave. You can refresh your wardrobe without dying of heat!

Price: it all depends on your budget ;)) (go crazy if u want) Location: different districts of Paris

Colin says: "There's nothing better than shopping in air-conditioned department stores - you are able to combine fashion duties with pleasure.

PS: I also recommend the roof top of Galeries Lafayette"

We hope you like the list we put together for this month!

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The Wellow Trend Forecast is a monthly blog created by our team, filled with the next hot spots, restaurants, plans and unique events in Paris.


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