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4 restaurants in Paris you cannot miss in May! The Wellow Trend Forecast:

Updated: May 2

Our team's top picks of the month:

This month we're focusing on our favourite topic: FOOD! Here are Vic's, Mélyne's, Lucas' and Adé's favorite places in the city. Did you know that Paris is not just about baguettes and croissants? Yeah, groundbreaking! I guess Emily didn't show us the whole scope: this city is about diverse cuisines, delicious flavours and multicultural dishes. If you are tired of seeing the same places over and over again on Tiktok, this blog is made for you. This season, say goodbye to Foderol and hello to Levantine :

1. LEVANTINE: Hand-picked by Adé

Super nice veggie canteen right next to the Canal Saint-Martin. From Hummus, to halloumi fries and shakshuka... everything looks and tastes amazing. They don't take reservations! Price: €20–€30 Location: 10ème arrondissement Ade says: "I love the flavour variety. Every single dish is to-die-for! It's my favorite place in Paris."

2. RESTO JEANNETTE: Recommended by Lucas

They serve authentic cuisine, prioritizing seasonal ingredients and supporting local agriculture. Check out their wine selection as it features very special natural wines. They are committed to genuine flavors, sustainable practices, and natural winemaking. Price: €20–€30 Location: 19ème arrondissement Lucas says: "I particularly recommend the roast camembert half. I would also recommend not sharing it with anyone and keeping it all for yourself! "

3. LE BOUQUET D'ALESIA: Mélyne's Choice

 This traditional Parisian brasserie has evolved over time while retaining its timeless and unique charm. Bistro cuisine with a modern twist, where tradition meets contemporary taste. If you are always doubting where to go, this place is a guaranteed bet! Price: €20–€30 Location: 14ème arrondissement Mélyne says: "You should check the Brunch option they offer for 26 euros. The servers are really friendly, there's a beautiful terrace and it's super lively."

4. CAFE D'ALBERT: Recommended by Victor

Café d'Albert stands out for the capacity to embody the spirit of the 18ème neighborhood like no other. They've dedicated fifteen years to delivering excellence and they are not willing to stop! A traditional bistro with friendly prices and an unmatched location.

Price: €20–€25 Location: 18ème arrondissement Victor says: "I always want to go back. Super friendly bar, homemade dishes and the burgundy beef is excellent! If you're in the 18th, you should definitely go! "

We hope you like the list we cooked for this month! If you are interested in these recommendations, we share new ones in our monthly Newsletter: Subscribe here!

The Wellow Trend Forecast is a monthly blog curated by our team full of the next hot spots, restaurants, plans and unique events in Paris.


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