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  • What are the requirements to access a Wellow room?
    We do not choose a file and therefore do not put our future members in competition on a financial aspect. To be eligible for one of our spaces, we ask that you be able to provide us with one of the following guarantees: > Proof of a monthly salary of at least €2,000 net before tax, or > A guarantor with a monthly salary of at least €2,000 net before tax or > A guarantor with a tax notice from the previous year of at least €20,000 or > Use a third-party guarantee organization such as Visale
  • How do I book and secure my room?
    To book your rooms, here are the 6 steps: 1. We validate your profile by phone as well as the room you wish to occupy in the chosen space. 2. We need 3 pieces of information to start the onboarding procedure: your last name, first name and email address 3. You receive an email with a link to an online questionnaire. You fill in all the information necessary to create your file and your rental documents. 4. You receive two invitations by email: - Invitation to read and sign your lease online - Invitation to pay 2 invoices: ---> Entrance fee (400€) + First month's rent calculated on a pro rata basis. ---> Security deposit (950€) If you have selected the option of guarantee with guarantor, the latter receives an invitation to read and sign the deed of guarantee. 5. Once the lease (and the deed of guarantee if applicable) has been signed and the payments made, you will receive a 3rd and final email telling you how to access your accommodation and how to activate your user profile on the web App. 6. On the first day of your contract, you will receive an email telling you how to get to the relay point to collect your keys. The necessary codes are also available in this email. All housing access information can be found on your profile in the web App.
  • How is the rental price calculated?
    The price of rent is calculated per room and is made up as follows: monthly rent + flat monthly charges. The total amount of your rent includes all charges and services. It thus includes the classic rental charges of a rental, water, electricity, heating bills, home insurance, and internet subscription.
  • How are my expenses calculated?
    We establish a fixed price based on the previous year's consumption. It is possible that we will have to revise the fixed price and re-evaluate the charges due to a variation in energy costs during the year. The calculation of the charges per person is based on the number of rooms in the apartment and the length of time the roommate has rented the room.
  • What services are included in my home insurance?
    The home insurance that we take out insures the property and the people occupying the home (furniture, equipment). We therefore advise you to take out additional insurance to protect your personal property as well as yourself (civil liability insurance).
  • How much is the security deposit?
    The security deposit is 950€ for each room. This amount is to be paid before you enter the premises. The amount is collected by Wellow and will be returned to you in full at the end of your rental if no damage or other is found in the room and in the common living areas. It will be returned to you maximum 30 days after your departure from the apartment by bank transfer.
  • Is the room eligible for APL?
    Yes! The rental agreement allows you to maintain your eligibility for APLs.
  • What are my payment options?
    When you register, you will have the choice between three rent payment options: - Manual payment (CB): you will receive an email each month inviting you to pay your rent by credit card. - Automatic payment (CB): an automatic debit will be made each 1st of the month on the bank card registered at the time of the first payments. - Automatic payment (SEPA transfer): you authorize Wellow House to debit your rent directly from your account each month. You can request a change of payment method during your stay on simple request made by email.
  • What is the minimum length of stay?
    30 days
  • What type of lease am I going to sign?
    The lease established between Wellow and the tenant is a 12 month furnished sublet lease. It is tacitly renewable, i.e. it will be automatically renewed at the end of the period for a new period of 12 months. The lease is individual for each room. You can stay as long as you want in the room you occupy. You can also decide to leave your room and let us know 30 days in advance.
  • Am I contractually attached to my roommates?
    There is no principle of solidarity between the roommates present in the apartment. The lease being individual and independent, you are only concerned with the rental of your room. Rent, security deposit, entrance fees, utilities... everything is paid individually.
  • What documents should I send?
    For the tenant: - A valid double-sided identity document (CNI or Passport). - Proof of a monthly salary of at least €2,000 net before tax. If we do not have it, we will request that of your guarantor or the guarantee document received from the surety organization in the situation of a visa-type guarantee or garantme. For the guarantor: - A valid double-sided identity document (CNI or Passport). - His last payslip or his tax notice for the previous year.
  • How do I get my keys on moving day?
    Your entry to the premises is done in complete autonomy, and therefore, the day and time you wish. You will receive, on the first day of your contract, an email telling you how to get to the relay point to collect your keys. The necessary codes are also available in this email. All housing access information can be found on your profile in the Web App.
  • Where can I find access information to my apartment?
    From the Web App and your profile! The booking confirmation email you received tells you how to log in to your account. All the information to find your apartment (address, codes, floors, door, etc.) is indicated in an article “Apartment access”.
  • How is the inventory of fixtures going?
    We do not carry out a physical inventory, you are responsible for this step which takes place from your profile on the Web App. You can make your “Check-in”: - Check the condition of the room and apartment, report additional faults, - Check the inventory of items made available (furniture, equipment, appliances) - Read the consumption indices on the meters
  • Are sheets provided?
    We provide you with all the sheets for your bedding: fitted sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases. Bathroom linen is not provided.
  • How do I leave my room?
    As a tenant at Wellow, you can permanently leave the accommodation/room you occupy at any time. For this, you must give us leave and respect a notice period of 30 days. This period can be reduced if you find a replacement person, approved beforehand by all the other roommates. Your request must be made from your profile in the web App. Here is the procedure: Go to your profile and click on “check-out :(“. The procedure has 3 important steps that must be followed: Enter your departure date => we check that the 30-day notice period is respected. Send us your notification email => when you click on this button, you are directed to a page to send your email. The content is generated automatically. Fill in your form => this button sends you to a form to fill out online. In particular to inform your RIB on which we will send you your deposit.
  • How can I book my appointment for the exit inventory?
    One week before your departure, you will receive an email to make an appointment for your departure inventory.
  • How is my exit inventory going?
    It is done in person with one of our service providers. During this inventory, your room must be empty and complete cleaning must be carried out (cupboards, windows, under the furniture, etc.). We also check all common living areas (household and state). Your set of keys must be handed over to the person carrying out the inventory.
  • When will I get my deposit back?
    Your security deposit will be returned to you maximum 30 days after your departure from the apartment by bank transfer.
  • Can I select a person of my choice when one of my roommates leaves?
    We try as much as possible to let you choose your future roommate. As soon as we receive a request for notice, the other members of the roommate receive an information email. From this moment, we leave you ten days to find a person. After this time, we do the research ourselves.
  • What happens in case of damage in the apartment?
    If an item is broken, dirty or missing, it will be deducted from your security deposit.
  • What are the rules of life at Wellow?
    Rule 1: In respect we trust Respect is essential for successful community living. Always take into consideration the presence and needs of others: pay attention to your volume, warn your roommates before receiving visits and offer them a peaceful living environment. Likewise, be nice to your neighbors. Do not hesitate to introduce yourself to them. Pro tip: Helping an older person ride groceries is always good for Karma. Rule 2: Stand up & Speak up Communication is the key to a pleasant shared life. Take advantage of the discussion group between roommates to communicate, share important information or simply offer a drink. Do not wait for a problem to become too serious before solving it. Rule 3: Sharing is caring Some expenses are indivisible for the life of the flatshare and it is often much easier to divide them between each occupant. Take the time to identify common utility products between roommates (hygiene and household products, for example), then use the recommended App (Tricount) to distribute the cost of purchasing these products fairly. Rule 4: Clean is the new hype Providing a comfortable and clean living environment for everyone is our mission. It is also yours. Define a fair distribution of household chores, starting from the one proposed by Wellow. Be sure to actively participate in household chores and educate your housemates. Household sessions are always more fun when done together and to music. Rule 5: Keep it clean like your life depends on it The biggest source of dissatisfaction between roommates often lies in the fact of not tidying up after using the equipment. Be sure to wash, put away, and keep the spaces as you found them. Make a commitment to always do your dishes and keep the sink clean after each use. Rule 6: Give as you receive Mutual aid is at the heart of the roommate. When someone does a favor for you, be sure to return the device. Also, do not hesitate to help out new tenants, most of our members are new to town. Share your top tips to help new members of our community settle into the city comfortably. Rule 7: If you don't own it, you don't touch it Do not use things that are not yours and that belong to your roommates, without asking permission. In addition, keep your belongings in your room to allow other roommates to freely enjoy the common areas. Rule 8: Responsibilities are gold Nothing is invincible, especially not a glass or a plate. If it ever happens, take responsibility for it. If equipment is broken or damaged without an identified person, the deposit of each member of the roommate may be affected. Communicate with us quickly in case of any problems within the apartment. In this way, we can ensure an exceptional daily experience. Rule 9: Having a room is cool, being part of a community is better Wellow is not just this flatshare, it's all the Wellow House flatshares across the city and the young French and international people who make up our community. We organize regular events and activities allowing everyone to meet and discover the city. Participate and bring your roommates: always invited, never obliged!
  • What should I do if a technical problem arises?
    We provide a maintenance service and intervene in the apartments for repairs requiring special skills and knowledge. We do not intervene for changing bulbs, changing batteries, clogged siphons, etc. To make a maintenance request, you must go to the Web App in the “Maintenance Assistance” section. In it, you will find an online form to fill in with as much information as possible about the request. We try to respond as quickly as possible. Some requests may take a long time to close if they require the intervention of the owner or the ordering of specific parts.
  • Can Wellow intervene in my space?
    For each intervention, we will contact you in advance to schedule an appointment on a time slot where one of the roommates will be present. In cases where we cannot find a common slot, we can intervene in the apartment without your presence with our service keys only with your prior agreement.
  • How are the apartment keys managed?
    Each member of the roommate has a set of keys to access the apartment and the mailbox. We are also in possession of a first aid kit allowing us to intervene quickly in the apartment if necessary. If your keychain is lost or stolen, we will replace it. The costs of this intervention are your responsibility.
  • Who are the Wellow members?
    These are young professionals who are mainly between 18 and 35 years old. 60% of them are French and 40% come from abroad.
  • What's going on at Wellow?
    We organize and give you access to events and activities throughout the year. Wherever possible, these are accessible free of charge. All information can be found on the web App on the homepage. Registration is mandatory for each of them.
  • How can I book an activity or my place at an event?
    You have to go to the Web App and then to the “Events” tab. From this page it is possible to consult the events organized and to register.
  • Can I chat with other people in the community other than my roommates?
    Yes! From the Web App, a “chats” tab is available. It is possible to communicate with all Wellow members.
  • Who are we ?
    Wellow is a start-up on a mission to facilitate access to housing for young working people. Wellow becomes the main tenant of many apartments to facilitate this access to housing. On the same model as a company that would rent an apartment to house its employee. By securing the rental on the owner's side, we are then able to open access to young professionals looking for a flatshare. We then invest in the apartment to optimize it and furnish it with all the necessary comfort. Our goal: that all you have to do is put down your suitcase. Inherent to our mission to fight for access to housing, we also work against the social isolation that increasingly affects young working people. Therefore, we offer integration into a community, with activities in town every week.
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